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September 1, 2009

Baraw Sugbo - Knife Fighting Exemplified

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To say that the Island of Cebu is rich in Martial Arts traditions is an understatement.

This island gave birth to illustrious Eskrimadores whose respective styles are now being taught not only in Cebu and other parts of the Philippines but all over the world.

Baraw Sugbo is a system of fighting developed by one such illustrious figure, Lorenzo Saavedra.

Tatay Insong, as Lorenzo Saavedra was fondly called, was the progenitor of the almost all Eskrima schools today. He is recognized by the different Doce Pares groups and various Balintawak organizations as the source of their martial system. As was common in those days, Tatay Insong did not teach all his secrets to one student or one group, he always kept something for himself. He would teach one group exclusively his system of stick fighting and only a very small part of his bladed weapons system, Tatay Insong would then teach another group his complete system of blade fighting and only the very basic of his stick fighting art. Due to the more real concerns on the possible abuse of the bladed weapons, the inheritors of the edge weapons system were a very small and selective group.

The fullness of the exclusively knife-fighting system was inherited by Lucresio Ceniza Albaño who taught it to one man alone, his nephew Gregorio Ceniza, a farmer from the neighboring area of Mandaue.

Despite teaching other people some parts of the style, Gregorio, or Noy Oyong, endowed the entire system to his only surviving son, Eduardo.

Baraw Sugbo, as taught by Eduardo and his students have since followed this path, is a comprehensive unarmed system designed specifically to fight a knife wielding attacker.

Devoting itself purely to knife fighting, it does not adopt methodologies developed by Eskrimadores for fighting with blades or sticks.

It is, instead, a fighting system built around the peculiarities of using knives as a weapon of attack, made comprehensive and honed to the level of lethal perfection by generations of practice.


Unknown said...

Asa pwede maka kat.on aning baraw sugbo sir?

Unknown said...

where is ur school to the baraw sugbo in cebu

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